About International Office

Hello Everyone.
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY), ranks 12 on the national university rankings, is among the top 301-350 Education universities in the world. UNY also has a high commitment to expand its international partnerships with international universities, industries, and societies. It is ready to help develop and improve the quality of global society, among others, by providing better education for young generation of the world. UNY is, therefore, among the promising universities for you to study in Indonesia. Located in the centre of cultural heritages and tourist objects, it is good for you who do not pursue only academic experiences, but also interesting intercultural communication and life.

International students’ wellbeing is an important aspect OIS commits to continually maintain. To do so, KLI provides international students with free consultations with experts in psychology and wellbeing. In addition, KLI strives to help students feel at home by keeping them close to family and friends from their countries through various programs in the International Students Hub – a venue where international students can organize cultural talks and performances involving their family and friends.

Finally, come and join Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta to achieve your academic success and global cultural engagement needs.


Basikin, Ph.D.

Head of Office of International Services.

Our Vision

“Supporting UNY as World Class University based on piety, autonomous and intellectuality and to improve the role of UNY in international relation”


Our Mission

1.Developing internationalization activities in every unit in UNY as initiator, planner, facilitator and implementer;

2.Giving service for faculties member and students who aimed for study abroad, institutional exchange program, conference etc.;

3.Promoting UNY program both nationally and globally;

4.Serving international students and academic guest currently in UNY in professional and qualified standard.