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Mahir Berbahasa Indonesia

Program Excellence

  • Direct pertinence to real-life situations and constant interaction are emphasized.
  • Qualified instructors and tutors are trained in both the Natural Approach and Communicative Teaching Method. Every course is conducted on the basis of participant’ needs.
  • Private custom-designed course packages are also available.

The participants’ level is based on their language competence, identified from the result of a placement test at the beginning of the course. Participants are divided into levels classified as beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, pre-advanced, advanced. Each level is conducted for 48 class hours and a four-hour outdoor activity every weekend. Besides, MBI also offers a special program which can be conducted at any time on the basis of participants’ needs in terms of time, venue, and course subjects.

Program Type

  • Regular Program (max. 20 students)
  • Private Program
  • Executive Program (3-5 students)
  • Bahasa Indonesia for Specific Purposes.
  • Teaching Method
    Natural Approach and Communicative Teaching Method

Each course is conducted at the International Office or the Yogyakarta State University. The private program is conducted according to the participants’ need.

Final Assessment

  • Test (four language skills)
  • Mini-Project (mini-research and presentation)
  • Performance (MC-ing, speech, poetry reading, drama performance)

1.  Registration: US $ 20
2.  Regular Program:

  • US $ 250 for 11 to 20 students
  • US $ 350 for 5 to 10 students
  • US $ 500 for 2 to 4 students
  • Private Program:
  • US $ 15.00 per student per hour per class
  • Additional (Optional)
  • US $ 10 per student for a group of students attending the Opening and Closing Ceremony
  • US $ 40 per class for two-hour workshop on batik, gamelan, or Javanese dance with a maximum of 15 students
  • Field Trips


  • module of learning material
  • classroom with AC
  • certificate
  • lounge


  • cultural spots
  • formal institutions: schools, museums
  • outbound activity in a tourism village
  • cultural festivity/folk festivity


  • consultation on language and academic matters
  • information of accommodation (lodgings, home stays, etc.)
  • pickups (at airports, etc.)
  • transport info (bicycle rentals, etc.)