Overview Admission

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Regular Admission Timeline

1. Online Enrollment                                     :  December 2019 - July 30, 2020

2. Selection process                                       :  August, 2020

3. Announcement of admitted students  :  August, 2020

4. Admitted student arrival                         :  before August 12, 2020

5. Registration for admitted student         :  August 13 - 21, 2020

6. Academic year commencement            :  August 30, 2020


Degree vs Non-Degree Program

UNY facilitated both degree and non degree program. For you who aim to get bachelor, master and doctoral degree, formal education will be applied. Please take our academic requirement detail before applying. For more tailor made non-degree  program, UNY has been experienced in running various workshop on Batik, Traditional Dance, BIPA Course and many more. Completing the workshop will give you a rich experience. Hopefully, you will decide to apply for degree based study program in corresponding with your previous workshop experience.


Scholarship Offers

UNY through YSU-DISS Scholarship will give you the chance to learn in bachelor, master and even doctoral degree. For KNB scholarship, you will get the chance to earn master degree at UNY. If learning culture and language has become your interest, we encourage you to apply for Darmasiswa RI UNY Scholarship


Admission Office

Jl. Colombo No.1 Yogyakarta 55281

Gedung Rektorat UNY Sayap Utara, Lantai 1

Telp. 0274 4605001, 0274 548811

Email : pmb@uny.ac.id