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Welcome to Yogyakarta  or Jogja, one of a provincial-level autonomous region of Indonesia with official recognition as monarchy within the government of Indonesia. The Sultanate of Yogyakarta has been established since 1755 and strongly support for Indonesia’s independence during the Indonesian National Revolution (1945 to 1949). No wonder, from January 1946 to December 1948, the city of Yogyakarta became the capital of Indonesian Republic after the fall of Jakarta to the Dutch.

Yogyakarta is governed by Sultan Hamengkubuwono as the governor and Prince Paku Alam as the vice governor. The city of Yogyakarta is set as the province capital. With a land area of 3,185.8 km², it is the second-smallest province of Indonesia after Jakarta.

Yogyakarta is a home for more than 100 higher education institutions. The city also became the home for the oldest state university in Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada(UGM). For your information, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta(UNY) also have a strong root with UGM. The present UNY Faculty of Education was previously a part of UGM Faculty of Literature, Pedagogic, and Philosophy  on 14 August 1950.  

Yogyakarta offered a rich cultural heritage experience.


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